lunes, 18 de mayo de 2015

Prologue, The Prince of Bórdovar.

Superando ya las cinco mil visitas, wow!!! muchas gracias a todos lo que pasan por acá y en agradecimiento (y porque siguen a la espera) les comparto el prólogo del primer libro en inglés.

Thank you so much for the visit and for the acknowledgment, in this post I give to you the prologue of the first book "The Prince of Bórdovar" thanks for this five thousand visits in the blog, please enjoy  this beginning.

Someone was approaching with a determined step to a room.
The touches on a door rang out. The barking of a dog rushed to answer.
“Come in.” A deep voice said as he caressed the dog.
An impeccable and seriously butler made his entrance. He leaned making the proper reverence and he added:
“The ship is coming, your highness. The coachman goes to search for her.”
The silence covers for a moment. Indifferent to the words, the man continues yet in his work. Sitting at his desk, he writes in his diary with a fine fountain pen of silver and gold. His soft and fine hands, draw on the paper a beautiful calligraphy.
“That’s good” he answering without showing interest.
"Do you want to do something special?” ask the butler.
“Nothing" answered dryly.
“For now I do not want to do anything," said firmly "leave me alone"
“As you wish your highness.”  The sad butler responded bowing his head, leaning again and leaving the room.
Closing the door behind him, in the mind and the heart of the butler, the impotence silenced him. In his melancholy and lonely life, accompanied him only a melody, the melody that reminded him of what he once he loved. "Pavane for a dead princess" from Ravel was all that in their loneliness he murmured, something that he made back in the time for a moment. At the time of his youth, where he had been happy.
After the visit of the butler, the prince could not continue writing. The "Gymnopedie No 1" from Satie it sounded for himself, demonstrating his mood. He put to one side pen and stood up in the direction of the window. His bearing was straight, and his step firm. He put his hands backward as he watched the horizon. He is breathing gently, trying to contain the air and dropping slowly. Now already he was not sure, he doubted his decision. By his mind many things happened and the bases its tranquility began to shake. He had been indifferent to all women's and she would not be privileged to get his attention. He had not felt anything by one and she, would not be the exception. He was too haughty and proud. And that was his decision.
No one, no a State matter was taking him away his peace like her.
He did not know her, neither wanted to do it. For the first time began to question himself, for the first time was beginning to feel nervous. For the first time, he felt a series of strange and unknown emotions. And for the first time, he began to hate each himself for that.

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