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Covers of the books.

Hello to all foreign friends who pass through here, as I said in the previous post "Sunset and Sunrise" is a series of romance novels, the first delivery called "The Prince of Bórdovar" was published in two parts in Kindle and also as one complete book in paperback. The second delivery called "Mist of the Past" is published in four parts, three of which are already been published, books play with the genre contemporary and historical erotic romance. The latest books are titled "My eternal great love" which constitute the end of the all story.
For some people who ask me about the male image of the book and some fanarts his name is Giulio Berruti and is an Italian actor.

 I present the covers of the books published in Spanish.
The Prince of Bórdovar (Part One)
The Prince of Bórdovar (Part Two)

The Prince of Bórdovar (Complete Book)

Mists of the Past (Part One)
Mists of the Past (Part Two)

Mists of the Past (Part Three)

Thanks for the visit, soon be sharing the prologue of the first book and the fragments of the first chapter, look the page on facebook too, please comment and share.

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