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Sunset and Sunrise; The Prince of Bórdovar

 For the people interested in reading the book in English I will try to translate some fragments so that you may know the story.

"Sunset and Sunrise" is a series of romance novels, the first delivery called "The Prince of Bórdovar" is published in two parts in Kindle and also as one complete book in paperback in Spanish language given that her author is a Honduran citizen.


The story revolves around to Constance Norman, a young women tutor twenty-five years specializing in arts who receives a strange invitation to travel to an unknown place and accept a challenge; help to Ludwig Waldemberg, Prince of Bórdovar to reach the throne fulfilling two requirements imposed by the king on his deathbed that have a certain period and which the prince not gives importance being totally indifferent, leaving the possibility that his uncle Rodolfo, Duke of Kronguel (thirsty for power) and second in line of succession, have access to a throne that does not belong him.
As a hermit and prisoner of his circumstances, the prince only allows the company to his butler and his dog, but the arrival of Constance puts his world upside down when he refuses to meet her and she, intrigued by curiosity unleashing an unfortunate event and disobeys an order, causing him to make a decision and changing the course of his life.
From the beginning, their paths cross indirectly without knowing each other and their lives, are linked in some ways and while the prince decides to take a trip away from her, in that period of time during a visit to the town Constance knows to Loui, who is extremely attractive man that makes her feel attracted to male beauty that he represents, making she forget at time of the reasons that led her to Bórdovar. Accepting his friendship from the first moment, she realizes that is falling in love with a stranger hiding her feelings and as their friendship matures, Loui sees threatened a secret that keeps and which cannot confess to her, and that problem, make begins to make him fall in confusion and the despair.
Two days before the return of the prince, the Duke a dark and gloomy man arrives at Bórdovar to prevent her to be an influence for the heir of the throne. Rodolfo, feel threatened his plans by the girl and he decides remove to Constance of the way, and insist him on a decree abolished by the king, which was the marriage of the Prince and his daughter, the Baroness Regina, who is also close to reach to the kingdom and taking him advantage of the feelings that Constance has awakened in Jonathan, his private medical who accompanying him, during a dinner decides to hatch a plan.
Loui sees to Jonathan as a potential rival and risking everything, starts a strong romance with Constance from which neither can escape. On his return, the Prince ignores at his uncle and his wishes, making cause the anger and overturn of the Duke to Constance, who is trapped between three men who have awakened a series of feelings in her and making fear a fourth man who want she disappear at any price.

Between passion and jealousy of Loui, tender confessions of love of Jonathan, the Prince´s whims and provocations and the Duke´s hatred begins to unravel a series of events in the chain reaction that involves everyone, making that the future of a kingdom, a very dangerous game. Romance, love, passion, desire, intrigue, tragedy and death surround the exciting life of Constance, whom now the unexpected will change her life forever.

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